Privacy Policy
Wordlight Fellowship USA, Inc

Status:  Current

Wordlight Fellowship has been establishing the integrity of the light of the Faith since 1989.  We respect your privacy and protect your  privacy with integrity in compliance with this written privacy policy.

We refers to all endeavors of Wordlight Fellowship USA, Inc.

When you utilize our online endeavors we collect data from you for the purpose of promoting the light of the Faith.

We only use this information for the purpose of serving you.

We do not disclose or otherwise compromise your information.

This policy applies when you access our online communication
and live events.

Your data is collected when you contact us via online means,
phone communication live or text or by paper mail.

You give us data via mobile communication.

You give us data via a link on a third-party website.

You give us data when you make a donation for the work of the ministry.

Data Collection and Usage:

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