Are YOU Just or Unjust?
Are YOU a Republic of Freedom?
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WE are told there is going to be an accounting of the just and the unjust

What is it to be JUST?

Truth with integrity without iniquity is being just

Being a faithful friend is being just

Being good to all is being just

Being merciful is being just

Being long suffering is being just

In our day and time it is just to be a Republic of Freedom for all citizens

In our day and time it is just and good to adhere to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

In our day and time it is just and good to pursue fulfillment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

In our day and time it is just and good to work together in the bonds of peace to establish a world at PEACE:
This February 2015, our USA President Barack Obama held a summit in Washington D.C. USA, on Countering Violent Extremism. This summit involved
leaders from over 60 worldwide countries. They came together to unite to establish in the bonds of peace at this summit a peaceful world.

Our USA President Barack Obama stated in his closing remarks that the terrorists known as the Islamic State, formerly ISIL or ISIS, is terrorizing the people of Syria and Iraq and engaging in unspeakable cruelty. The wanton murder of children, the enslavement and rape of women, threatening religious minorities with genocide, beheading hostages. Those whom align themselves with these terrorists murdered Egyptians in the Sinai Peninsula, and their slaughter of Egyptian Christians in Libya has shocked the world. Beyond the region, we’ve seen deadly attacks in Ottawa, Sydney, Paris, and now Copenhagen.

Elsewhere, Israelis have endured the tragedy of terrorism for decades. Pakistan’s Taliban has mounted a long campaign of violence against the Pakistani people that now tragically includes the massacre of more than 100 schoolchildren and their teachers. From Somalia, al-Shabaab terrorists have launched attacks across East Africa. In Nigeria and neighboring countries, Boko Haram kills and kidnaps men, women and children.

At the United Nations in September2014, Our USA President Barack Obama called on the international community to come together and eradicate violent extremism. And he challenged countries to come to the General Assembly this fall with concrete steps we can take together. And he thanked them for their participation in the summit to Counter Violent Extremism and stated he is grateful for all answering this call.

Our USA President Obama has set in motion a movement to establish a peaceful world. Now we must in our community where we live rise up and come together and through community activism encourage our youth and citizens to denounce the easy way of killing people through acts of terrorism. We must encourage them to WORK in the bonds of peace to bring about peaceful solutions to our challenges we face now in the 21st Century and beyond.

Yes - WORK - Let us WORK together in the bonds of peace -This WORK can be hard - it can be frustrating - but far more world citizens choose to solve problems in the bonds of peace than those whom choose to bring about war by trying to solve problems through violent means.

Hitler found out the world will fight back. He started the reign of his German Third Reich in 1933. We, the world, vanquished his evil Nazi State by 1945.

When will we vanquish the evil Islamic State and other violent terrorists groups?????

Let us unite in our community where we live to WORK together in the bonds of Peace. This effort to be united for Peace and live in Peace will reach our young people to inspire them to WORK to build A WORLD that is at PEACE.

In our day and time it is good and just to empower women with equality and education

In our day and time it is unjust to stone to death or behead or otherwise deny freedom to a woman for adultery

In our day and time it is unjust to deny life and equal citizenship to a person whom is being a just and upright person in their choice of religion

In our day and time it is unjust to deny equality to all

In our day and time people are free to be an atheist but it is unjust for atheists to impose their non-belief on us whom believe - Read the USA First Amendment - Make no mistake: Atheistism is a religion perpetuated by Dark Angel

In our day and time it is unjust to educate our children the theory of evolution without the possibility of intelligent design :  Darwinism has no answer as why there is no evolution of kinds into other kinds - in other words the seed of an ape is an ape - the seed of a woman is a human - Understand?