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I hereby affirm my faith in the light of the Holy Scriptures known as the Bible and my Commitment to the Bonds of Fellowship with the following declaration: I believe the ONE True God is the Father of Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Israel and King David; and, that God kept His promise to them to bring forth a Messiah born of the "seed of the woman" to deliver us from the darkness and oppression of Satan and everlasting death; I believe that in the course of human events, God begot a son born of a woman named Mary whom named the child Jesus; and that after the death and resurrection of Jesus he ascended into heaven and was appointed by God his Father as the Messiah of Mankind and Lord of the Cosmos, which was confirmed unto us when the promise of the gift of "holy spirit" was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost;
I believe that since the day of Pentecost by grace by our belief God raised His only begotten son from the dead and by our confession Jesus is Lord of the Cosmos, we are initiated into the Ekklesia of Grace; literally made a member of His Body by the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit, and that through this birth of holy spirit, we are also given in this life by grace the "Armor of Light" our Spiritual Birthright to help us to live our life free from the oppression and darkness of Satan in our pursuit of happiness as we endeavor to live a godly life in the Bonds of Fellowship; and we are adopted by God forever as His children and made heirs of Abraham and joint-heirs with Jesus as our inheritance to the glory of Almighty God for establishing "spiritual fellowship" for us humans;

I believe the Ekklesia of Grace as described by the Apostle Paul is the Church of "His" Body - Jesus and that Jesus has all authority over the members of the Church of "His" Body and leads us individually and collectively through our unity of the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit; I believe we are a sovereign Church of "His" Body composed of members in particular of may sovereign fellowships united as a cosmopolitan Church of "His" Body by the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit; a perfect union, ONE and inseparable; whose just powers are derived from those served; established by God with His blessings of a spiritual birthright of His love, grace, freedom, justice and the bond of peace which Jesus obtained for us by the sacrifice of his life; AND

In response to the evident love of God to be our Father and the love of Jesus to be our Messiah; it is my choice by the freedom of my own will to fully commit to the bonds of fellowship with them and to endeavor to walk in the spirit by the light of the 9 manifestions and 9 fruit with integrity, love and courage; AND, it is my choice to fully commit to the bonds of fellowship with my fellow members of the Church of "His" Body, Jesus, and I will endeavor to edify the Church of "His" Body and keep our unity of fellowship given to us by the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit in the bond of peace; AND,

I believe it is therefore my duty to love God my Father and to honor God by serving His only begotten son Jesus in the Ministry of Reconciliation to reconcile people to God and to endeavor to serve Jesus to build-up the Church of "His" Body; to remember his sacrifice, to love all as God and Jesus do, to be strong in his grace, to be strong in the "hope" that he will gather us together to be with him forever, to respect the spiritual birthright he secured for us; AND,

to this end, I will endeavor to "CAST OFF THE WORKS OF DARKNESS AND PUT ON THE ARMOR OF LIGHT", to be on my guard against the Satan the Adversary of God whom seeks to corrupt all and blind all to the light of our fellowship with God, Jesus and one another through the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit since the day of Pentecost; to diligently encourage all to submit to Jesus the Messiah as the Lord of the Cosmos through whom Satan shall be no more and all peoples of the earth shall be blessed in the course of events foretold to us; AND,

encourage all to Commit to the Bonds of Fellowship made available by Grace to us by the ONE True God, the God and Father of Adam & Jesus & all whom believe the veracity of the Gospel of Jesus;

Glory to God & Jesus forever and ever for establishing "spiritual fellowship"!!!

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