Co-workers with God as Ambassadors of Jesus our Lord

Greetings in the love of the ONE True God of Israel our Father, Jesus our Lord of the Cosmos and the bonds of spiritual fellowship we have by our spiritual birth of holy spirit :The Love of God in our Heart Romans 5:5

I am James R Cathey ThD,PhD, an ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975

The Wordlight Research Fellowship has been establishing the Integrity of the Biblical Texts to teach the light of the Faith since 1969. WE have established Wordlight Fellowship Ambassadors for YOU to be a light of The Faith given us in The Holy Scriptures the Bible

Jesus was appointed the Messiah of Israel and Mankind, Lord of the Cosmos and the leader of The Church of His Body and this was confirmed on the day of Pentecost in the year of his death, resurrection and ascension to the right hand of Almighty God his Father and our Father

I became a member in my youth of this spiritual fellowship established on the day of Pentecost Acts 2

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